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Silver Ring Thing…. a great success!

purity ringThe Center for Pregnancy Choices cannot express enough gratitude for all the support we received from our community for Silver Ring on March 5th. The success of the night was only made possible because of the hard work of many, before, during and after the SRT event.

We never know how far the impact of this show will reach, but we got a small glimpse!

Pastors, Youth Ministers and Parents, thank you for allowing the CPC the honor of sharing the message of purity with your beloved young adults. I only hope it is the first of many in which we partner together to bring the message of hope, restoration and truth!
Here are the results from the event – 1,156 people attended, 95 parents came to the Parent Session, and 215 students got rings as a sign of their commitment to wait. We are also celebrating the 32 who gave their lives to Christ!! It is such a joy seeing lives changed by God!

Check out this story from Mackenzie, SRT Crew Member:

“Out of the 215 students who chose to put on a ring last night, I talked to one young man, 16-years old, who acknowledged his popularity and his struggle with crossing boundaries. He said he is always getting invites to parties and temptation is overwhelming. He said he had been looking for a commitment to stand for and wasn’t sure how to go about it and that last night’s event solidified his decision to wait until marriage to have sex. He gave me a huge hug and thanked me for helping him get a ring.”

The CPC knows that the journey is only beginning for those that took a stand for Christ and/or made the decision to wait until marriage to have sex.

Right now is the time to take a stand with us and keep the conversations going!

SRT SalvationsPlease contact Sarah West, the Abstinence Advocate/Counselor, to schedule a time for her to speak to your youth or to discuss other opportunities to keep the young adults engaged or (601) 428-4357.