A Life-Changing Experience

I recently began volunteering at the Laurel CPC and am in training to become a client advocate, a lay counselor who helps educate clients regarding pregnancy options, sharing about God’s love and His plan for our lives. This week, I had the pleasure of observing a session with a young woman and then was able to sit with her as she had a sonogram. This experience was life-changing for me. I watched as her baby bounced around inside a bean-shaped bubble. His or her tiny feet and hands danced on the screen. Then, the baby developed the hiccups! At ten weeks, we could clearly see a heart beat and then this little bitty striped line flitted across the screen- it was a spine! The baby was a little under an inch from head to rump. It was the most precious thing to see and I sat in absolute awe of this little life that this sweet momma held in her body and, really, in her hands. I prayed for her while we were in the room and then again at night before I went to sleep and then again last night as I drifted off to sleep.
I understand so many of my friends’ outrage and passion regarding Planned Parenthood’s disregard for these precious lives. I feel the same frustration and, at times, have felt helpless because the problem is so huge. I encourage each of you to allow the passion to drive you to love those around you. (This is our calling!) If you find yourself driven to compassion, action is a necessary step (not just feeling). So often I have allowed myself to stop at the “feeling” and have not followed through with action. Please join me in coming alongside humanity and helping those around us to make a life-giving decision.

-Shirley Hendricks, a client advocate and volunteer at the CPC in Laurel, MS