The Lord’s Calling…

Serving as the Nurse Manager of a Pregnancy Medical Clinic was never something I expected to be doing in my career.  I have been a nurse for almost 6 years with the majority of my experience being in Labor and Delivery. Obstetrics has always been my heart, and God called me to obstetric nursing long before I went to nursing school.  

I was first introduced to the “pregnancy center” world when I started volunteering at the CPC in Jackson, MS.  When God called my husband and me back to Laurel in December of 2013, He blessed us with the option of me staying home from work with our new baby girl.  Not long after moving, I wanted to get involved with the local CPC since I wasn’t working and had a little extra time.  At that point, Carol asked me to coordinate the upcoming banquet and also discussed with me the plan of eventually converting to a pregnancy medical clinic (PMC).  She explained that this had been on the hearts of the staff and board but they needed a nurse. Because of my calling to obstetrics, I was willing to help however I could, although none of us knew what that would look like.  In August of 2014, God opened the door for me to be hired on staff part-time at Laurel CPC in order to the convert the center to a PMC. I currently serve here as the Nurse Manager, which includes oversight of medical services and training new volunteers.  

Through much hard work, prayer, and community support, we opened our doors as a PMC on July 1, 2015!  God has blessed this ministry (and my life through it) in more ways than imaginable!  I feel fortunate to work with a group of women who love the Lord and encourage each other daily.  I am also thankful for how God is using me to minister to these women who come through our door.  

In Matthew 13, Jesus tells the parable of the sower.  The farmer and the seed were the constant of the story but the variable was the ground on which the seed fell.  Our job as Christians is to plant that seed by sharing God’s truth.  Then we pray for God to prepare their hearts to receive it.  Salvation belongs to God and thankfully he uses us as his vessels to spread his good news!  Laurel CPC is a GREAT avenue to reach our community for the Kingdom!  If God is tugging at your heart to serve your community (whether through prayer, time, or money), ask God if Laurel CPC would be the place for you.  It has changed my life for the better!

Brittany Sherman, RN

Nurse Manager