Staff Series: Life-Giving Choices

Choices. Who doesn’t like choices? The word itself has become a huge part of what we expect as a society today. We want choices when it comes to our clothes, our vehicles, our entertainment, our homes, our medical providers, even our food preferences. Choices are available to us no matter our economic status.

Then there’s the whole line of clichés. Make wise choices. Make good choices. Make the right choices. Life itself is full of choices. Sometimes there can be so many choices that we become overwhelmed. Knowing what the right choice is can be difficult.

That’s why Choices Clinic is here for our community. It goes much deeper than a crisis pregnancy center. Our goal at Choices Clinic is to help others make life-giving choices that honor God. From the local high school student learning about STI education and abstinence, to the expectant mother weeping in the counseling room… we are praying for them to hear God’s voice. We are partnering with them.

Recently, I was counseling a client whose intake paperwork stated that she desired a closer walk with God. That gave me the opportunity to share the love of Jesus with her. She then made the choice to accept Christ as her savior. What a privilege to be the one to pray with that client!

I have also had the honor of counseling expectant mothers who were so scared; abortion seemed to be their only choice. However, after presenting them with true choices and educational material, they chose life.

I want you to know that although our supporters are not physically present while this work is taking place, they are a vital part of this work. This ministry would not exist without you – our supporters, donors, and partners. You have a part of this beautiful ministry – this ministry that strives to empower people to make life-giving choices.

– Delora