Staff Series: More Than Diapers

Hi, Brittany here! Thanks for tuning in to our new blog series! If there is one message that I would like to get out to the community about Choices Clinic, it is that we are SO much more than the “free diaper” place. Don’t get me wrong: free diapers, clothes, and other baby items are a big part of our Material Assistance Program through which our clients can earn baby items by attending group classes on various topics to help them through the pregnancy. Just last year, our clients earned over 250 baby items through this program! Donations made by churches that hold baby showers for us and individuals who donate items are greatly appreciated because our clients are definitely blessed by this ministry.

However, in the past 3 years that I have worked here, I have seen God work in tremendous ways! From providing the funding which allowed us to add medical services, to opening the door for us to teach at a local high school, and EVERYTHING in between, God is growing this ministry! I feel like I could ramble all day (and I probably will if you call me) about how we are not only giving out free diapers here at Choices. In fact, we’re not even “just” saving babies; we are transforming families by supporting the women through any situation they may face during their pregnancy and beyond as well as reaching the men through our new Male Mentoring Program. We are leading people to the redeeming, healing love our Savior Jesus Christ offers us. We are educating our community youth on the physical and emotional damage that sexual relationships and pornography causes.

So, you see, Choices is SO much more than the “free diaper” place! God has provided the “A-team” staff for such a time as this and we are SO excited to see how God will bless this ministry in the next few years. We are constantly seeking creative ways to reach potential clients, and we want to become the FIRST choice in our community for anyone who needs help making “life choices.” If you are looking for an organization to plug into, pray about plugging into Choices! We would love to have you partner in transforming lives in our community!