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It Takes a Village

This past June, I was blessed to be able to go on my very first mission trip to Belize, Central America. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this week, but I was excited to go and share God’s love with the Belizian people. I went to teach and share, but it was ME who […]

Dresses That Spin

My daughter is 3 years old and in preschool. She is very social (I wonder where she gets that from? LOL) and her friends are very important to her. Her favorite article of clothing is a hand-me-down, floral dress with a green tulle skirt. She loves it because it looks like a tutu and it […]

Staff Series: Back to School!

At Choices Clinic, part of my job is to be “boots on the ground” in high schools and colleges in the area, working to build relationships with students, faculty, and administration. Through these relationships, my desire is to help our youth make better decisions and have healthy, age appropriate relationships. Research demonstrates that many teenagers […]

Staff Series: Burdens and Boundaries

Walking with someone through suffering is an incredibly delicate process. Because it not only affects the one experiencing suffering, it can affect those supporting said sufferer. When someone is struggling, their load is heavier and they need to share it. As a friend, you will take some of the burden to lighten their load. Well, […]

Staff Series: Life-Giving Choices

Choices. Who doesn’t like choices? The word itself has become a huge part of what we expect as a society today. We want choices when it comes to our clothes, our vehicles, our entertainment, our homes, our medical providers, even our food preferences. Choices are available to us no matter our economic status. Then there’s […]

Staff Series: One Life At A Time

She was 17 years old. She was scared, ashamed, nervous and confused, yet she had feelings of excitement and joy. It was difficult to explain all the mixed emotions that were running rampant through her mind. She was pregnant. Being a mother held huge responsibilities but also huge blessings. What would she do? How would […]

Staff Series: More Than Diapers

Hi, Brittany here! Thanks for tuning in to our new blog series! If there is one message that I would like to get out to the community about Choices Clinic, it is that we are SO much more than the “free diaper” place. Don’t get me wrong: free diapers, clothes, and other baby items are […]

Staff Series: Beauty in the Blah

Hi everyone! Hmmm, that didn’t sound too Southern of me. Let’s try this again. Hey y’all! There, that’s better. Let me introduce myself. I’m Mackenzie Hurt, the Administrative Assistant here at Choices Clinic. I like to think of myself as a small-town-Southerner-in-training. I’m a Virginia native who moved to Southern Mississippi for my husband’s work […]

Baby Bottle Are Back!

April showers bring May flowers… do you know what else May brings? Baby Bottles! We are offering delivery if you or your churches contact person is unable to pick up baby bottles/bulletin inserts. All bottles and bulletin inserts will be available for pick-up on Monday, May 1st. Set out bottles on Mother’s Day, May 14th. […]